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365 songs. A song a day for 2013.
Johnny Foreigner – Concret1

I have an educational history with writing. It’s not the most financially lucrative field, but it’s certainly enriching and interesting. When you finish all that education, you should probably take some time to write things, huh? For a couple years I felt creatively frustrated and exhausted, so I wanted to start a project that would force me to write everyday. That didn’t happen completely. Sometimes I would take a month off, then double-up the next month1. Like so many people, I hear a song and attach it to some meaning or experience. I’m going to take those meanings and memories and write about them here. In the simplest way, you’re eavesdropping on a personal music journal of some sort– not an overly edited one, either, I confess.

So how did it come together? I’m sure there are some repeat memories, I’m sure it sounds like I’m not over some exes or past problems, and I know that it makes me sound like a neurotic psycho who can’t change who I am. But you see, I had to do this project to get through those things. Broad identity has always eluded me, but I have an idea of who I am. Still, that idea was shaken in recent years and I had to take some time this year to rebuild. I still am, too. And that’s part of what I learned in this process. It takes time.

Sometimes it was annoying as hell to come up with songs for this. I figured 365 songs isn’t that much when you consider the thousands we probably have on mp3 players or computers. Still, it was a struggle to find some that worked to specific moments and memories. I found some on the radio. I used spotify for the first time to track down lost/forgotten albums. I dug through hard drives and old blogs for songs I might have forgotten. For this moment, it was worth it to know that I finished something this year. Sometimes life feels like a rat race– for me, finishing things is important.

  1. And despite the dates on each post, I started the project in March of 2013 and finished in February 2014. []
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