Dear Pete – Hamell on Trial

hamell-toughloveIt’s 92 seconds of a building narrative that is told in a series of brief notes. It love the way Hamell uses the narrative effects to bring us into this one-sided story, too. It’s certainly one of the easier Hamell on Trial songs to love, only a trac away from the much sweeter “First Date” on the aptly titled Tough Love. Obviously the cool part is that he’s using my name for the closest thing to a hero. I also like how each rhyme seems so tied on, which is in part the scheme of the song and part the way Hamell delivers it. Hamell also does this thing that I really, really love when it comes to media– he gives us the background, but doesn’t get into the meat and potatoes of what’s actually happening. We don’t go on the score with them, we don’t meet the seedy Joe character. We get each letter as a sort of pre- or after-thought. This makes the comic angle all the sharper, but it also allows us to fill in the gaps (like Jill’s day job, for example). So why is the song on here? Because each time I hear it, I’m reminded of Hamell on Trial, which is essentially a one-man-act that does what he wants: delivers his own flavor of music to audiences, makes albums that he wants to, etc. And he’s been doing it for a while– living a life of freedom and, perhaps at times, a little glamor. Maybe.

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