Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II) – Handsome Boy Modeling School

HBMS-HYGWhen I first heard this song, I loved it. It seemed fresh and new to me because I never really studied the area of turntablism and DJ/producer solo music. I didn’t know who Dan the Automator or Prince Paul were and wouldn’t until college, but I heard it first on Y100’s Cage Match. It lost, which wasn’t surprising, but I remember staying up that night and waiting to see if the votes would come in because I was pulling for it. I didn’t think there was anything like this in music, and it really did leave me wanting more. It wasn’t until college when I found out that Handsome Boy Modeling School had a whole record and a major supporter in my freshman year resident assistant. He loved each guy on the project, thus loved the project. He wasn’t a terrible guy, but he got very opinionated with music, so liking these guys put me in a good light with him. This was in the days of CD-Rs and copying (over ripping) CDs. This project opened up my ears to a whole culture of DJs that I didn’t know about, and I still find myself stumbling on new musicians as a result of the work these two guys did. I guess it’s not surprising that my RA and I, like Paul and Dan, ended up finding some ground to disagree on. But like they always say– it could be worse. The next year it was, too.

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