Tomorrow – Silverchair

silverchairIf your first love is that girl who never noticed you or cared you existed, then this song reminds me of that first love: Jessica Taylor– all the boys’ first love because she had boobs in 5th grade. Like any boy who wants to be good, I had to convince myself there was more of a reason to like her than just boobs. She had a unique style, she liked old music, she had freckles– and many other things that grew really boring over time. Maybe boring is too harsh, but easy works. It was easy to do all those things and when you pick apart the details of life, she was just trying to be liked as much as everyone else. She wouldn’t have me or you or anybody except the bad-ass kids who were too passive to care. I think you had to be that way in a middle school relationship though– you had to not care to really be successful. Just like being friends so you could hang out, but be distant enough to take it or leave it. I would never know. She would have one guy though: the guy from Silverchair, who was a little past high school age when they peaked in 1994. On the rare occasion I hear them (their newer experimental side projects are interesting), I think of her skinny frame, hippie glasses, and orange hair. She was like an idol who couldn’t be touched at Cologne Avenue School, but she’s really just like anyone else now.

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