Leaving VA – Los Halos

loshalow-leavingvaThere was a time when a ten-minute song made me cringe. This is one of the ones that changed my mind. I’m ashamed to say that it took someone else listing it on his playlist and me noticing it before my radio show one day. This one kid had the same last name as my grandfather and was from the same area as their family. He was a nice guy when he wasn’t busy, but I felt like his musical taste must be better than mine because he liked creepy rap music and dark metal music at the same time. He obviously saw something more than me, right? If he can play a ten minute song, it must be good. It is, though I expect he just played it for a ten-minute break from being on the air and finding new things. I do that now, when I care a little less. It did cause me to give the album it’s on one whole spin, which resulted in many repeated listens. There’s nothing sparkling or dazzling associated here, just a quick memory of how I found this small band that released some solid, enjoyable music for a brief moment in time. That’s what you get sometimes. A couple good, personal, affecting records that don’t find a strong base, and you have to move on to other things. For most of us, there’s such a brief moment that we can dedicate to our art and the acceptance of it that it becomes lost blogs or social networking accounts- archives of the ways we once felt, and maybe still do.

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