This Year – Mountain Goats

sunsettreeThis blog has kicked my ass. When you commit to something, know what you’re getting into, man. 364 songs in, I’m singing this to myself. Really, I tend to start singing this song around May every year. Sometimes the year seems like a struggle. But you see, I’ve realized in the past few years that making it through this year doesn’t really matter. If your year can start tomorrow, then start it tomorrow. There’s no need to wait ’til January to get your fresh year going. This song makes me hopeful. It reminds me of the past years I’ve gotten through and assures me I can make it through more. Maybe I’ll find a twin high maintenance machine to spend some time with. “There will be feasting and dancing/ in Jerusalem next year,” Darnielle sings with wit, pointing out that optimism may be paper thin, but it also may be the only way to get through the hard times.

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