Railroad Man – eels

eels-liveFriends have made fun of me over the years, telling me I’m like an old man. I can be cranky and whiny, but I don’t think I’m all bad. Old men are wise, right? Experienced in some way? Maybe gentler and calmer? In this song, E sings about feeling like a railroad man in a time where railroads don’t mean so much– he’s like a man out of the proper period. The part that makes me feel hopeful and makes me feel like E is a distant kindred spirit in some ways is: “It may take a little longer, but I’ll know how to find my way back.” E’s a dark guy with some deep demons that haunt him, but he never fails to throw in just enough positivity to make you hopeful. I hope I do that for people in my life. Lots of people hear stories about my stresses and pains, and they laugh along with me in ways that make me feel like I’m doing something good, raising some hopes even in the face of frustration or difficulty. It’s not always easy, though. Sometimes you burn out when the world shovels enough shit your way. But we take it. We handle it because we’re supposed to. It may take a little while, but we’ll find our way back to peace and balance. I’m believing that as time goes on, but sometimes even our beliefs occasionally get lost behind grey clouds.

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