Love vs. Porn – Kevin Drew

darkwasthenightI discovered this song while I was writing my Master’s project in Creative Writing. It was relevant to the project– a collection of stories that were united by the subject of pornography, but took place on the periphery. (Oh that sounds interesting? Tell a lit mag.) I worked hard on that collection and considering people’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas about porn. What Drew does here is make you consider where the culture is going. He talks about how the women on the screen, unlike he and his lover, don’t have to close their eyes when they kiss, among many other thoughtful moments. What I like the most is how he doesn’t pick a side. I was very proud when an editor said the same of my collection. That’s important when we write, in many ways. If we can present characters and allow readers to draw their own conclusions, it’s so much more engaging for them and interesting for me. Maybe it says something that Drew got this on a compilation album and not a solo LP, but maybe some day, when things are going my way, those stories will see the dim light of someone’s Kindle.

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