The Christmas Massacre of Charlie Brown – DJ John

santasticpheugoowebThis song reminds me of Christmas. Cheap shot, I know. It’s by far my favorite Christmas song because it combines so many cultural elements I love. When I used to run a personal website, I once had a survey– which cartoon character reminds you of me (or do i remind you of)? Charlie Brown tied with (Hey) Arnold. When people keep me in mind as they watch Peanuts, they see similarities emerge almost right away. It should probably be scary, but I think people tend to like Charlie Brown, so maybe they’ll like me, too. The way this song mixes in Beastie Boys beats, Vince Guaraldi music, and show clips, it drives me crazy. That idea of seeing something that was there all along and bringing it together– I think it’s pretty amazing. Another thing that emerges from this song and how the clips are arranged is that you really don’t miss people being douchey to Charlie Brown (and him returning it, at times). When I watch Charlie Brown specials around the holidays now, I have an experience like some cliche dude watching football. I’m standing and shouting at the screen, “Yes, Charlie Brown! I get it! I know how you feel!” If you track the degression of Charles Schultz, you’ll see that’s not a good way to be, but he had these silver linings to him and affected the world in some very positive ways. Maybe one day I’ll affect change in that way and make something new and interesting for the world to love.

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