A Raider Christmas – The Bag Raiders

bagraidersI’ll always remember Christmas antics with my friend Marissa when I hear this song. Whether it was our annual co-hosted Christmas party or our radio show, this song always found its way into the mix and always snapped us out of whatever we happened to be doing so we could enjoy the jingling danciness of it all. I’m surprised to not see this appear anywhere on youtube, because I see it as one of the quintessential musical experiences around the holidays. Not a year since its release have I passed up listening to it, even if it’s June. This also taught me (at the 2:10 mark) how a “drop” is supposed to work before dubstep really took over as a painful pop form. But that part also reminds me of Marissa dancing and enjoying the music and holiday power of this song. With friends like these, who needs more?


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