Carol of the Bells – Trans Siberian Orchestra

tso-christmasMy Uncle Frank used to live with us for a while. Of my uncles, John was the one with edgy music taste. Uncle Jim liked Mariah Carey for a while. Uncle Frank liked Yanni or Kenny G– and since those two guys aren’t making it on here, and these guys are a close second to Yanni, I figured I’d use them to give a little shout to my Uncle Frank, who drove me to the hospital when I was getting surgery for my knee, worked at a gentleman’s club, and took me with him in the U-Haul when moved to Florida. It was an interesting time that I wish I remembered more. I was always way too uncomfortable with everything when I was a kid. I think I would’ve enjoyed it a bit if I was older (or younger, just as a trip to never before seen lands). Uncle Frank would bring us ice cream a lot, too. Looking back, that was a little irresponsible, but it always put a smile on our faces, so his intentions were good. And then when he moved to Florida, we never saw him again. He just disappeared into the ether. Not available through phone or email without strict vetting by his then wife. Though I know their relationship was based in love, we sure missed him back in New Jersey. No blame to pass or anything like that, but it’s sometimes hard to lose touch with people– family or otherwise. When I was once dumped without explanation it was hard to just lose touch without knowing why. You’re left wondering “What did I do? What are they thinking?” But hey– sometimes it’s not you. Take comfort in that, at least.

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