Lean on Me – Club Nouveau

Live_love_&_painWhen we were little, my sister and I would bond over music. We’d shamelessly sing along to things back when we didn’t quite know what we should be ashamed of. This was one of those songs I remember. The more I try and concentrate, I don’t have a specific memory of singing along to it with her, but I associate it with her for some reason. It’s campy and fun– why I still like it– and it works off of a sweet sentiment from the original version. One obvious reason I could associate this with Chrissy is because I can lean on her. She’s always around when I lose my mind, and I’m very happy that she comes to me when she loses hers. The less-than-ideal truth is that we get a little close to the edge before we reach out for each other. But I know that when “I just might have a problem” she’ll understand. Maybe she’s been so good to me all these years that I sometimes expect a lot from my friends, but we know each other and we can help. So even if we didn’t sing this song in the backseat of the car on a drive to anywhere, I still think of my sister when it comes on.

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