On and On and On – Wilco

SkyblueskyEverybody does this, right? If my funeral (or funeral after-party) took place at a location that lent itself well to music, I’d like this to be played and to deeply affect the people I loved in life. That’s not morbid, really, it just captures a sense of continuing past an ending. I know some people who desperately fear being forgotten. It’s a realistic fear. Being forgotten by all means, in some ways, that you don’t feel like you exist. And I want people to remember me like I remember them. I don’t remember everyone, and not all memories of everyone are positive, but they creep in from time to time– triggered by music or objects or locations– and those people are not forgotten. This song reminds us to not forget and that there can be some sense of an after-ending. It really says all the things I could hope to say to the ones I love if I were to leave them abruptly, among them being “Please don’t cry/ This world of words and meanings/ Makes you feel outside/ Something that you feel already/ Deep inside/ You’ve denied/ Go ahead and cry.” And the general sense of the song, in the chorus throughout, is that idea that we will always be together in some way. It doesn’t have to be a romantic song for two people in love, but two people (or more) who love. I don’t think about dying all the time, but I also come to terms with the fact that I won’t have said all I want to people when I do die. It’s too dramatic, too drastic. But I hope people will keep me with them in mind and heart and know that I will do my best to help, even beyond this life.

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