Reno Dakota – Magnetic Fields

mag-fieldsI really don’t know how I shared songs before Facebook. I blogged, but I can’t imagine people– even my friends– looked at it. Maybe they did. I remember, in college, Amy Fedele telling me she liked this song after I shared it in some way. She liked it because of the Pantone 292 reference. She was into graphic design. I was friends with Amy for a while. I don’t really remember how we drifted apart, but it had something to do with that kid who banged all my female friends. I think I was angry at her for playing a part in him cheating on his girlfriend. Not my right, but whatever. When she hurt her leg, I would visit her and play basketball on the back of her dorm room door, pissing off the neighbors or passer-bys whenever we missed and just nailed the door with a Nerf ball. In those visits she learned that I’d never kissed a girl and she offered to be my first kiss. It was an awkward situation to be in, because my answer was totally no. But how do you tell someone who’s offering charity that you don’t want it and not make them feel bad? I don’t remember what I did, but I didn’t kiss her. My first kiss was my first girlfriend, maybe the next year. It was worth the wait to have it from someone who wanted to kiss me rather than someone who was willing to. Maybe I was just traditional in that way– that things mean something to people. I know the world is moving away from that feeling, which is probably why I held on to it tighter.

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