Did I Tell You? – The Spinto Band

spintobandNice and Nicely Done came out around the time I finished college. I had a job, a home, and things looked okay. I also had a lot of time on my hands. Aside from a couple weird… incidents(?) with girls, I was alone. I walked a lot at that time, and it made me think of how my dad would walk everywhere. He did it for transportation, but I did it because I was afraid my legs wouldn’t really last all that long, being as they were so weakened from the surgeries when I was a kid. I had an old MP3 player back then, too. It was from Creative and heavy– sturdy. It could hold tons of music and I loved that thing. I broke the charger and it didn’t work after that last bit of battery died. I would listen to this album a lot as I walked the streets of Wilkes-Barre, looking for nothing in particular, but trying to escape whatever I felt was haunting me (that weird dude across the hall on the left, that beautiful girl across the hall on the right, those nights when I was all alone and sleeping on the couch). I guess what I mean is I didn’t have much to worry about, and it was a good time in life. I kind of regret not making more of that time, but I was nervous about working at my alma mater. They basically told me at orientation to not hang out with current students. So I would walk and write screenplays. The other reason I included this song was because an online friend told me much later that she liked the song. Stephanie Hencrick is doing good things for the world right now, but at the time I think she was seeing a guy and she knew it wasn’t going to work out. I was envious that I couldn’t feel the song on that level, but glad I could introduce her to something that articulated her feelings at the time. But really, when I think back to those walks I took and how far I would go, I feel a sense of peace. I still put on this album from time to time because it’s just easy to listen to– one of those records I don’t take the time to appreciate as much, but listen to often. It’s well-crafted and poppy in perfect ways. Still a joy to hear.

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