Long December – Counting Crows

CountingCrowsRecoveringTheSatellitesI had an ex-girlfriend who loved this song. Sometimes I feel like she waits all year just to quote it on facebook or in texts. I was always open to the partial optimism of the opening lines: “A long December and there’s reason to believe/ Maybe this year will be better than the last.” She was more partial to the second verse: “The smell of hospitals in winter/ And the feeling that it’s all a lot of oysters, but no pearls.” The song’s about coming to terms with regrets, and I like the ending– the lead that he’s off to see the ocean, which he hasn’t seen in some time. There’s something freeing about that image, and if you follow the old symbol of water it could certainly mean he starts living. I’m not sure how much or what parts of the song she liked the most, but she loved it. And I loved her, too.

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