Blackberry Stone – Laura Marling

lauramarling_coverOnce I met these two lovely girls at the radio station. They were beginning a show, but had no training. The person who was supposed to meet them didn’t show up and I was in the area, so I filled in. They weren’t stupid, which is always nice, and when the station manager showed up and asked them personal questions (where you from? what’s your major?) I learned more about them. I’m old and I don’t want to be old and creepy, but when you meet people these days it’s sometimes easy to seem too eager to make a connection. The one girl was whacked-out funny and the other paid attention. In academia, you like to find kids like that so you can get them to take your classes and maybe teach someone rather than talking at them, but as a guy you have to be careful that you don’t come across as creepy because <sarcasm>obviously sexual attraction is the only motivator to talk to the opposite sex </sarcasm>. So kids think. Anyway, a while goes by and I’m driving and the girls are doing a show. They play this song and my heart gets soft. I always liked Laura Marling, even when she’s a little too mellow for me (depending on the mood). One thing she always has the power to deliver on is being passionate. At the time, in the car, I was contemplating the end of my relationship with my girlfriend. This song, about loss, hit me in a strange way because I don’t think Marling is intending grief to all parties. “I’d be sad that I never held your hand as you were lowered, but I’d understand that the world does what it does,” she sings. To me it becomes a point of drifting. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or partner, the world does what it does and sometimes we drift apart or things don’t match the way they once did. For me, that’s what this song is about. It’s sad, but accepting. It’s not welcoming, but able to cope. She can’t turn on everything she knows to side with one person, and that’s okay.

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