I Paid My Money – Fear of Pop

Fearofpopvolume1I first heard this tune on y100’s cage match. I was an instant fan of this Ben Folds solo project. It was weird and frantic. I don’t even know how I bought music back then, but I got my hands on this ASAP. Hated it. Within a couple years I loved it. There was a commitment here that I admire. It’s not smooth or comfortable. It’s pretty weird, actually. But Ben Folds doesn’t seem to give a shit. He goes all in with the ridiculous premise. That’s the part that made me love the song instantly. I’ll not be screwed out of my movie ticket money. I’ll stay through a bad movie just on principle. I completely agree. The rest of the album did take some time to grow on me, though. I once played this song in a car full of people and some hipster music jerk commended my taste. While some would find that validating, I was more embarrassed that he knew it than if anyone else had. When a music jerk commends your taste, he welcomes you into his camp, but who really wants to be in a camp like that?

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