You’ve Made Me So Very Happy – Blood, Sweat & Tears

bst-youmademeI was in a semi-drunk conversation this past weekend about the inauthenticity of relationship-based mixtapes. I’ve explained it to one girlfriend– how me making a mixtape for her (which she requested) would simply not be possible without dipping in to ones I made for exes. She didn’t care. She wanted a mixtape. It was good, too, but I still felt weird about it. This was on an old mixtape I made for my first girlfriend, in college. She liked old standards and I could mix in some newer things. She loved the mixtape, too. I never used this song on another, but part of the reason is because I’ve dated girls with better taste. Still, when it’s early on in a relationship, it’s hard to devise a solid, affecting collection of songs that someone would enjoy. And if you do it once, you better damn-well do it again and again. I tried, of course, but there’s only so much music in the world, right? Eventually it will sputter out into crappy sentimental junk. So if I date you in the future, approach this topic with caution. Otherwise this post would mean nothing…

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