Greatest Mistake – Handome Boy Modeling School f. Jamie Cullum & John Oates

WhitePeopleOne of my exes liked Jamie Cullum. I thought he was Jamie Lidell when I heard this song (because I’d never heard of Cullum). Still, I played it off pretty well when I said I had heard of him and that this was a great song. That John Oates makes it. That Hall & Oates is a wonderful standard that gets forced into the campy bins. But that I recognized the name at all seemed to just add to our pot of things in common and reasons to be enamored with one another. Things are so much simpler at that time, aren’t they? Things are starting and every little commonality is something to celebrate. Even differences are turned into cuts of a puzzle piece that make two people fit together. I guess I can get away with hearing this song without thinking about Stephanie in particular. It’s the incident of the song itself– that it was a shared point one time before. It was a place where we saw eye to eye. When the relationship passes, it’s easy to be angry and hate and resent. It’s harder to have it out and still be kind. To still allow yourselves to see eye to eye on things, just in a different way. Because I honestly still love John Oates, Prince Paul, and Dan the Automator. I don’t know anything else from Jamie Cullum. It’s the opposite on her end, I guess (though she must know some Hall & Oates). Again, some of the pieces could fit well. It’s hard to think there are billions of people in the world and we can’t partially fit with some of them, right? That’s pretty ignorant. Connections to this song, Rte. 81 North, and park and rides. They don’t have to last, right? It’s better to have had the experience than to spend time and energy resenting it.

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