This Year – Mountain Goats

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This blog has kicked my ass. When you commit to something, know what you’re getting into, man. 364 songs in, I’m singing this to myself. Really, I tend to start singing this song around May every year. Sometimes the year … Continue reading

Railroad Man – eels

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Friends have made fun of me over the years, telling me I’m like an old man. I can be cranky and whiny, but I don’t think I’m all bad. Old men are wise, right? Experienced in some way? Maybe gentler … Continue reading

Love vs. Porn – Kevin Drew

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I discovered this song while I was writing my Master’s project in Creative Writing. It was relevant to the project– a collection of stories that were united by the subject of pornography, but took place on the periphery. (Oh that … Continue reading

Lean on Me – Club Nouveau

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When we were little, my sister and I would bond over music. We’d shamelessly sing along to things back when we didn’t quite know what we should be ashamed of. This was one of those songs I remember. The more … Continue reading

On and On and On – Wilco

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Everybody does this, right? If my funeral (or funeral after-party) took place at a location that lent itself well to music, I’d like this to be played and to deeply affect the people I loved in life. That’s not morbid, … Continue reading

Night Court theme

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I remember Night Court growing up. I didn’t get it, but I remember it. After many years of not seeing it, I was listening to some DJ mix and he dropped the theme song in there. Like a time warp, … Continue reading

Weirdo – The Vaccines

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On the first twang of guitar, I thought I’d hate this one, but it became an anthem. When I was going through a weird time of identity and trying to find mine in the context of a relationship, this song … Continue reading